• TRIMEX 120mg 30tablets SHREE VENKATESH
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  • TRIMEX 120mg 30tablets SHREE VENKATESH
  • TRIMEX 120mg 30tablets SHREE VENKATESH



Shree Venkatesh manufacturers Timex 120mg in its best form. This product trimex is used by the people those who are overweight and they take it to reduce their body weight.

Properties: Trimex protects your body from the fats that you consume with your food. While your body absorbs less fat, therefore your body also starts losing weight faster. You must not take this drug for more than 6 months. This has properties which allow lower level of caloric intake and the fat is also reduced from the body. While you are thinking of losing weight, you must consult your doctor or pharmacist at the fast instance.  Your doctor will be able to guide you properly towards the intake of slimming medicine. Whenever you think of taking any medicine, you must first consult your doctor because you do not know which medicine will react in which way.

Side effects: Every medicine have side effect. Let’s see what side effect this slimming medicine trimex shows. Some drugs have drastic side effects and some have fewer side effects. This trimex shows minimum side effects and the side effects also vanish with time. Therefore now you know the side effects are temporary. The side effects are feverish, cold, diarrhea and low appetite. You must always remember that this medicine is not recommended for pregnant lady. If you are allergic to any of its ingredients then you must never take this medicine.

Dosages: You must take this suplement with a dosage of 180 to 360 mg divided into 3 dosages.

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