• TRENBOL 100mg 1ml-10ml GENESIS
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  • TRENBOL 100mg 1ml-10ml GENESIS
  • TRENBOL 100mg 1ml-10ml GENESIS

TRENBOL 100mg 1ml-10ml GENESIS

  • Brand: Genesis
  • Product Code: trenbolone acetate
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Genesis is one of the high profile steroids manufacturing company all over the world. They always generate the best quality product with the hologram. They are the reliable organization to get the genuine products with quality ingredients. Now they have offered Trenbol to their customer to check the power of real supplements.

Properties: Trenabolone Acetate is derived from Nandrolone and both of them are highly anabolic. It promotes high metabolic rates in body and burns the body fat immediately. It never causes the water retention in body. It controls the effectiveness of Glucocorticoid hormones that increase the fat level of body. Trenbol is quite effective to make the utilization of nutrients and minerals consumed through the food. It improves the feed efficiency and protein synthesis in muscles. It is highly active to make the body muscle strong, hard and toned. Trenbol may increase the muscular endurance tremendously and improve the performance level to the great extent.

Chemical Name:    17β-hydroxyestra-4, 9, 11-triene-3-one

Side Effects:  Trenabolone Acetate is not without the side effects. In fact, it has immense side effects. An unwise application may create unwanted and dangerous health issues. Acne, headache, hair loss etc are the common side effects. But it also may cause heart diseases and cardio vascular problems. Long users may suffer from sleeping disorders, insomnia, and kidney pain and so on.  Massive changes in urine color with blood secretion and pain in kidney are the consequences of mal treatment of such supplements.

Dosage: Trenbol should be used at the interval of two or three days and in such a manner that never affect the functions of Testosterone. Normally, the first time users should take 300 mg per week. The average and advance users should take 400-500 mg and 800-1000 mg per week. The beginners are advised not to take this supplement at the primary stage of usage.

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