Testosterone Cypionate

This is the derivative of male sex hormone and over the year it is used to make the athletic performance better.  This is more or less powerful rather than any contemporary substance. All over the world this substance is in huge demand over the year.

What is Testosterone Cypionate?
It is a highly anabolic and androgenic substance and amazingly the altered form of male sex hormone testosterone. This supplement enhances the effectiveness of natural sex hormone that controls different types of physical and mental traits of human body.  This substance has gained popularity as high rating substance and it this rate is used to measure the ratings of other anabolic substances.

Used as medicine
This substance is used to treat the low production of testosterone hormone in male body. It works in body by replacing the natural sex hormone testosterone. It is also used as medication to promote the muscle mass and bone density. It is also a good medication to make a growth in red blood cells in human body. Protein synthesis may be also promoted through this supplement.

Structural characteristic            
Testosterone Cypionate is a crystalline powder form of substance with white or creamy texture. It is odorless substance or may have slight odor. But it is soluble in oil as it is 17(beta) cyclopentylpropionate ester of the androgenic hormone testosterone. It is insoluble in water but easily soluble in Chloroform, alcohol, in acetone and even in vegetable oils.

Side Effects (Estrogenic):
Testosterone Cypionate also has some estrogenic side effects. It denotes that such supplement can change the testosterone into estrogen. Because of it is a highly aromatic property also. As estrogen level raises the chances of gynecomastia.  It indicates the excessive water retention in body that may promote the increasing blood pressure. It also may responsible for breast enlargement also.

Side Effects (Androgenic):
Testosterone Cypionate may be regarded as fuel for the androgenic side effects if it is used unwisely for long term. The tentative side androgenic side effects of this supplement are acne, hair loss, men pattern baldness, undesired body hair growth, fatigue, and changes in sex drive, headache,gum pain  and so on.
The androgenic side effects of this compound may result in women’s body as the virilizing effects. Such effects may include side effects like unwanted body hair growth, deepening of voice, clitoral enlargement and so on. If such side effects may seen in women body, users should discontinue it immediately, they would fade away. But if it is ignored, they may be the permanent problems. Apart from that sleeping disorder, changes in urine and stool color, prostate enlargement and many more side effects can be detected through the usage of this supplement.

Side Effects (Hepatotoxicity):
If Testosterone Cypionate is used immensely for prolonged, it may be quite harsher for the liver functionalities.

Side Effects (Cardiovascular):
Testosterone Cypionate is also having some negative effects on cholesterol HDL and LDL ratios. This substance kills the good cholesterol level and increases the bad cholesterol level. It may also lead to the enlargement of heart and cardio vascular system that may create deadly situations. But the strain on cardiac system due to this supplement is enormous.
To prevent these side effects you may practice a cholesterol friendly diet in daily life style. Food containing omega fatty acids and adding plenty of cardio vascular activities in daily schedule may reduce the chances of such cardio vascular problems.

Side Effects of Testosterone:
Testosterone Cypionate is quite suppressive for the secretion of testosterone hormone, if it is used for long term and in excessive amount. Though the rate of suppression varies but the effect of this supplement are enormous. To get rid of such problem and to be normal again, the user should choose a good PCT plan, but he should keep in mind that this PCT plan should be in progress after the discontinuation of the usage of this supplement. Otherwise the side effects may be the permanent problems.

Administration (Men):
Men should take an injection every seven to ten days at 100 mg to 200 mg per injection. But if men require this supplement to enhance their athletic performance, they may consume from 200 mg per week to 1,000 mg per week on the basis of requirements and desire.

Administration (Women):
This supplement is not recommended for the women. It is primarily male androgenic substance. But if women take this supplement to get its amazing features, they should be used this substance under proper medical supervision.

How Testosterone Cypionate works in human body

·         Testosterone Cypionate promotes the reduction of excessive body weight by controlling body metabolic rate and increasing in body heat.

·         This supplement is much more effective when the body cannot produce any or much more amount of testosterone.

·         It also prevents the further formation of fat cells.

·          This supplement is quite fruitful for the cutting phase.

·         In order to burn extra body fats and to get leaner and stronger muscles this substance is amazing.

·          The main function of this supplement is to stimulate the functionality of testosterone by replacing this natural sex hormone.


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