• TESTOSTERON DEPO 250mg 1amp x5amp GALENIKA
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  • TESTOSTERON DEPO 250mg 1amp x5amp GALENIKA
  • TESTOSTERON DEPO 250mg 1amp x5amp GALENIKA


  • Brand: Galenika
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At this present time, Galenika is one of the most familiar names to the steroid users and most of the steroid users prefer purchasing steroids Which are produced by this company. Depo testosterone is one of the popular bulking steroids and this supplement is widely used by the sports people like athletes, bodybuilders and power lifters etc.

Properties: Testosterone is a kind of bulking steroid and this supplement is the derived form of dihydrotestosterone. Testosterone enanthate Provides positive results within at very short period of time and that's why people prefer using this supplement mostly. Testosterone enanthate can promotes users' muscle mass by enhancing the production of protein synthesis and increasing time the nitrogen retention. Besides, Testosterone depo Also Reduces users' excess calories, enhances Their bone density, improves users' immune system, stimulates Their strength and endurance level, Increases the numbers of red blood cells, and improves users' sexual appearance.
Testosterone enanthate are Also used for treating muscle wasting, anemia, osteoporosis, delayed puberty etc. Sports people use this supplement for and achieving strong and developed physique and attractive muscles.

Chemical name: 4-androstene-3-one-17beta-ol, 17beta-hydroxy-androst-4-en-3-one

Dosage: Of the supplement plays very important role since improper dosage may cause of many side effects. So, Should people always use recommended dosage. The recommended dosage of this supplement is 500 to 700 mg per week. It is seen That professional steroid users can take blackberries than 700 mg dosage of steroids for a week.

Side effects: Adverse Impacts of Testosterone enanthate may include breast enlargement (evil), liquid retention, body hair and facial hair growth, unusual hair loss, clitoral enlargement (in female), irregular menstrual, natural testosterone suppression, depression, sleeplessness, aggressiveness , heart attack, liver damage, kidney failure, vocal tone change, oily skin etc. But proper use of this supplement may help us to overcome from These side effects.

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