• SUSTANON 250mg 1amp x10amp MALAY TIGER
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  • SUSTANON 250mg 1amp x10amp MALAY TIGER
  • SUSTANON 250mg 1amp x10amp MALAY TIGER

SUSTANON 250mg 1amp x10amp MALAY TIGER

  • Brand: Malay Tiger
  • Product Code: testosterone mix
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30 mg Testosteron Propionat,
60 mg Testosteron Phenylpropionate
60 mg Testosteron Isocaproate
100 mg Testosteron Decanoat

Malay Tiger is a good manufacturer of Sustanon. They manufacturers one of the best testosterone mix. Testoateron mix is nothing but a strong anabolic steroid that helps you gain muscle.

 Properties: With a combination of four esters in it testosterone mix becomes one of the most powerful anabolic steroids. The testosterone mix is a combination of four esters its power is greater than any other steroid. Moreover due to this combination of esters, testosterone propionate is released faster than any other ester. After the release of testosterone propionate the other esters are released. This is also known as Sustanon 250. This is a very useful steroid for the body builders. The bodybuilders love to take this steroid because this not only helps them to gain mass faster but also good to buy. If the bodybuilders buy this steroid, then they do not need to buy those four steroids one by one. They can buy it as a whole in testosteron mix.

CHEMICAL NAME:  4-androstene-3-one-17beta-ol, 17beta-hydroxy-androst-4-en-3-one 

Dosages:The dosages of all the steroids must be minutely followed. If the dosasges of all the steroids are not followed properly then you will affect your body adversely without knowing. Steroids are drugs that can change your body’s shape and size therefore whenever you think of taking steroids , you need to very much sure about its dosages. You can ask your doctor about its dosages. He can guide you properly. By examining and understanding your body properly the doctor can guide you properly as to how and in what ratio you should take the steroid.  

Side effects: Steroids does have side effects. Some have lesser side effects and some have higher side effects. Some steroids are so dangerous that they can pose serious threat to your health. But if you are clever enough then you will obviously know how to avoid these problems. The main side effects that testosterone mix has are acne, hair loss and high pressure.

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