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La Pharma manufacturers Stanozolol and does it in the best way possible. Stanozolol is a steroid that every athlete and body builders like a lot. This steroid is very much popular in the sports world, because it enhances the body’s performance to a maximum level.

 Properties: Stanozolol is a very popular steroid present in the world these days. This steroid is not only effective but also has much higher qualities than any other steroid. You can use it without much problem or trouble. This steroid is better when taken orally. If you take this steroid orally then you can take it for a longer period of time. You can take this steroid for 6 to 8 weeks at a stretch. This steroid helps in building up quality muscle; quality muscle means solid muscle which doesn’t have much water in it. It also helps in burning up the fat and making your body much more energetic and fit.

CHEMICAL NAME:  17β-hydroxy-17-methyl-5alpha-androstano [3,2-c] pyrazoles

Side effects: The side effects of a steroid is sometimes drastic and then just minimum. But steroids does have some or the other side effects. Some steroids can affect your body drastically and other can show just some temporary effect on your body. The effect of Stanozolol can sometimes have a very bad effect on your body actually your liver is affected in a bad way. But the main side effects of stanozolol is allergy, your arms and legs can swell up, breast can become tender or enlarge, acne can become worst, You may face problem while sleeping etc.

Dosages: The dosages of a steroid are the most important part. If the dosages are not set right then your body may show much adverse effect. For the beginners the dosages of the steroid is set at 50 mg per day. But for the advanced users the dosages can raise up to 100 mg every alternative day.

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