• OXYNDROL 50mg 50tablets MALAY TIGER
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  • OXYNDROL 50mg 50tablets MALAY TIGER
  • OXYNDROL 50mg 50tablets MALAY TIGER


  • Brand: Malay Tiger
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Malay Tiger is one of the very familiar names to the steroid users and a large number of steroid users prefer buying steroids which are manufactured by Malay Tiger. Most of the sports people prefer using Oxyndrol and this supplement is manufactured by this reliable company.

Properties: Oxyndrol is commonly known as Oxymetholone, one of the popular oral bulking steroids and this supplement has higher amount of anabolic androgenic properties. This supplement stimulates the production of protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. Thus, Oxyndrol improves the growth of users’ muscles and makes their muscles strong.  This supplement makes users’ bones strong, reduces users excess calories, improves their energy level, increases the production of red blood cells, improves users’ immune system, and also provides an attractive sexual appearance.

Some people use this supplement for treating osteoporosis, anemia, muscle wasting due to HIV cancer, impotence; obesity etc. sports people prefer using this oral supplement for achieving better performance and maintaining the good condition of their physique for a long time.

Chemical name: The chemical name of Oxyndrol is 17β-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethylene-17-methyl-5α-androstan-3-one

Side effects: Oxyndrol has many side effects as well. And long time use or improper use of this supplement may cause of many health issues like breast enlargement, erectile dysfunction, irregular menstrual periods, clitoris enlargement, oily skin, prostate cancer, kidney problems, liver toxicity, changes in sex drive, rapid weight gain etc. In order to avoid these health issues, people should consult with an expert about the proper dosage of this supplement for their physiology.

Dosage: Like other anabolic supplements, Oxyndrol is also available in a various dosages. But people shouldn’t use this supplement more than 100mg per day. And remember; don’t use this supplement more than 5 weeks. But since this supplement is highly effective so using PCT is very necessary.

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