• OXANABOL 10mg 50 tablets ALPHA PHARMA
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  • OXANABOL 10mg 50 tablets ALPHA PHARMA
  • OXANABOL 10mg 50 tablets ALPHA PHARMA


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Alpha Pharma is one of the world’s largest steroids manufacturing company. They always manufacture authentic quality substances over the year. This time they have gained popularity for manufacturing Oxanabol.

Properties: Oxandrolone is derived from of dihydrotestosterone. This supplement is highly anabolic but not so androgenic. It is almost no responsible for water retention in the body muscle. Oxanabol is effective for the betterment of performance but not so fruitful for cutting and bulking. This substance cannot itself change the strength and volume of muscle. So it is advised to use it with Ripped-250, Propionate-100, Primabol-100 and with Nandrolone Phenylpropionate. Oxandrolone.  Oxanabol is responsible for the bone health as it causes the bone maturation and gives relief from bone pain. It never promotes the muscle gain but quite effective to increase the body strength and betterment of the athletic performance.

Chemical Name: 17β-hydroxy-17α-methyl-2-oxa-5α-androstanes-3-one

Side Effects: Oxandrolone is a mild substance for liver and body. But the mal treatment may cause hair loss, acute acne, oily skin, excessive secretion sebum, sleeping disorders and so on. Apart from that, vomiting tendency, swelling in legs and arms, disturbance in daily sexual life, frustration and aggressiveness, malfunctioning of body organ, cancer etc are all the remarkable side effects of abusing such compounds. Some long term users of Oxanabol have appreciated that they have suffered from light color stool, darker urine, pain in kidney and liver, yellowish eyes, change in skin color and so on.

Dosage: Oxanabol is designed in such a way that may be effective and health friendly to beginners, average and advance users also. The regular dose of it should be 30-100 mg per day. You may take it in one time or the dosage may be divided into two times like morning and evening. Oxanabol is quite friendly to liver functioning and its results are sustainable.

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