• METHYLOX 25mg 100tabletten BT LABORATORIES
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  • METHYLOX 25mg 100tabletten BT LABORATORIES
  • METHYLOX 25mg 100tabletten BT LABORATORIES


  • Brand: BT Laboratories
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BT Laboratories is one of the world largest steroids manufacturers. They are generally well known for manufacturing oral steroids. Now they have emerged with Methyloxy to catch the global steroid business.

Properties: Methyltestosterone is the derivative of testosterone hormone. It enhances the effectiveness of this male sex hormone. This man-made medication is highly anabolic and androgenic and quite useful for those men who have lack of testosterone production in their bodies. Methyloxy is such kind of oral steroids that helps to keep the normal level of testosterone in blood. It also accelerates the growth of muscle fiber and bone maturation. It should be used to enhance the all other bodily process like deepening the voice, maintaining the sex drive, thick growth of body hair, development and growth of sex organ. It is quite effective to get bigger and leaner body muscles amazingly.

Side Effects:  The abuse or mal treatment of Methyltestosterone may cause such common side effects like hair loss, vomiting, sleeping disorder, headache, acute acne problem, oily skin, excessive sebum secretion and so on. Increase of blood pressure, decay of good cholesterol level, insomnia, prostate enlargement, mal functioning of body organs etc all may happen due to the long term use or abuse of Methyloxy. Such compounds also may cause water retention in body muscles. You should consult doctor if you are suffering from liver and heart diseases, darkening of urine, pain in kidney, excessive aggression and frustration and so on.

Dosage: Methyloxy should be consumed with food or without food at least 1 to 4 times a day. Each time you should intake 10 to 50 mg Metheloxy oral steroid or 5 to 25 mg buccal tablet once a day. But for more effectiveness you may take buccal tablets 2 times a day. But the beginners should use it with proper medical guidance.

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