Drostanolone Propionate

Drostanolone Propionate was produced in1959 and it was made by Syntex Pharmaceuticals. But it actually came in the market 1970.Earlier after it was sold with the brand names Master and Drostanolonum. Later on when Eli Lilly acquired a license for this drug, it was sold with the brand name Drolban.Firstly it was developed to fight breast cancer but it has now become popular among the bodybuilders as a cutting steroid. Actually the first ever produced Drostanolonum was only available in the form of Propionate. Most of the people do not even know that the Enanthate version of it does exist.

It enjoyed a success of more than two decades as a steroid Which can successfully cure inoperable breast cancer. The original form of this steroid has been discontinued from all the pharmaceutical companies of the world. But I did not have any bad name, it is approved by FDA of USA.

What is drostanolone propionate?
This is one of the most important steroids of all time. It was actually produced to treat inoperable breast cancer in women. It has much therapeutic values, for two decades it was used to treat breast cancer and has shown successful results. But then as time went by the bodybuilders found in it properties Which makes it a good cutting steroid.
Its effects are felt in the most desirable way during the cutting cycles. To see its clear and visible effects, one needs to be really lean and thin.

Used in medicine
This steroid has a lot medicinal value. The soul purpose of its Invention was for therapeutic value. It treated the women from one of their most dangerous diseases, breast cancer. The inoperable breast cancer was exceptionally cured with the help of this steroid. But for unknown reason it was removed from the US markets, though it is still approved by the FDA.
This steroid also had some effects on the cholesterol level of the body.

Structural characteristic
The structural properties of this steroid are very important. This steroid actually belongs to the family of DHT. It is actually a DHT hormone that has been altered by its structure with the help of a methyl group with the carbon positioned at 2. This actually safeguards the hormone from the metabolic breakdown .this small structural alteration makes drostanolone.

Side Effects (estrogenic)
Drostanolone propionate generally has no estrogenic side effects. As it has no estrogenic side effects. Therefore it does not Involve much water retention. So the muscles obtained while taking these steroids are quality or solid muscle.

Side Effects (Androgenic)
This steroid has good amount of androgenic side effects. The androgenic side effects Involve acne and hair loss faster. If the man is sensitive towards this steroid then it will cause a great amount of hair loss, he may be permanently bald.

Side Effects (Hepatotoxicity)
Drostanolone propionate is not at all Hepatoxic kind of steroid because it does not cause any damage to the liver.

Side Effects (Cardiovascular)
This steroid can cause a bad effect on cholesterol. It actually accelerates the production of bad cholesterol in the body and decreases the production of good cholesterol.

Side Effect Testosterone
Drostanolone actually reduces the effect of testosterone. This Thing of low testosterone production in a male body is very harmful.

Administration (Men)
An adult man can take at least 300 to 400 mg of this steroid every week. That means you will have to take 100 mg of steroid on every alternative day continuing for 6 to 8 weeks.

Administration (Women)
In case of women, Drostanolone propionate is used to treat breast cancer. The standard dosage of the steroid is 100mg thrice every week for at least 8 to 12 weeks.  For the female athletes the dosages will be 50 mg every week for at least 4 to 6 weeks.

How work in human body
To talk about what function it has on our body, it is the only anabolic steroid that has a strong anti-estrogenic effect on the human body. You can say that it has totally no or extremely less anti-estrogenic properties. This is the only reason why it is effective in case of treating breast cancer. It is also a very popular steroid among the bodybuilders because if you take this steroid then you do not need to take any other anti-estrogen. Therefore the bodybuilders like to take this steroid So that they can have quality muscles without any water retention.


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