Product Returns

Once you have placed the order successfully with us and have made the payment, we then hand over the product to our packaging team for packing it safely to avoid leak or damage. We take all the steps to deliver your product to you within time. For the advantage of our customers, we accept all the standard payment processes including debit card/credit card.

Once the order is confirmed and you have checked out successfully, you will receive a confirmation email, detailing your purchase and payment method. You can also track your order anytime by logging in your account.

Delivery time
We dispatch your product as soon as it is possible. Normally it takes 3 to 5 business days but it some cases, this may get a bit delayed at times. However, in extreme circumstances, it will take maximum 21 days for your order to be delivered. Customers are always requested to provide the right address so that no any order reaches to wrong address. Customers who place order for more than €250 can enjoy free shipping.

In cases of faulty delivery of products (this has not happened yet), users are requested to return without tampering it. After inspecting the whole situation, if it is found that the problem is from our end, we will definitely take actions with immediate effect.

Order Information

Product Information & Reason for Return