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China manufacturers Hygetropin really well. This is actually a type of growth hormone which is helpful in the growth of the muscle and bone.

 Properties: Hygetropin is used to treat the growth problem especially in children and sometimes also in the adults. This is helpful in case of chronic kidney diseases and other deadly problems. This also helpful for people fighting with AIDS. One more thing you must always remember that, you should never use Hyetropin if you are suffering from Cancer or eye problem caused from diabetes. In case of lung disorder also this medicine is not helpful.

Side effects: All the medicine has side effects. The main side effect of Hygetropin is as follows:
1.       If you suffer from allergy problem after taking this medicine then do consult the doctor immediately.
2.       You may see a change in vision, nausea and vomiting.
3.       If pain exists in your knees and hips.
4.       Numbness in your hands and fingers.
5.       Extreme pain in the stomach.
6.       Extreme level of blood pressure
7.       Feeling extremely thirsty.
8.       Extreme hunger and high rate of urination.
9.       Headache, pain itching etc.
If these kinds of side effects persist, you must soon consult your doctor.

Dosages: The dosages of a medicine must always be in perfect ratio. You must never go wrong with the dosages of a medicine. Always consult your doctor and take the right dosage of medicine. When you inject the medicine in your body, always use disposable syringe to take the injection.

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