Are steroids safe?

Steroids are only safe when they are used safely. The safe use of steroids depends largely on the person who is using it. When you apply steroids in the body, you should have all information about that particular compound. Following the actual dosage is required at the time of usage. With everything correct, there is no reason for experiencing anything bad during the usage.

Do you have any minimum order limit?

No, we don’t have any minimum order limit. We always appreciate the first time buyers and we always want to provide them a service that completely fits with their requirements. We respect our customers and we respect their sincerity to make the payment in-time. And we ensure each time that they get their products irrespective of their order size.

Do I need prescription to place order with you?

We understand how difficult and problematic it is to manage a prescription each time when you go to buy steroids from online. So, we don’t ask for prescription at the time of selling steroids to our customers.

Are all your products real?

Cheap price of our steroids may raise question regarding the quality. We at Roidsmarket, deal with the manufacturers directly to offer our customers the best products. And this is the reason why we can sell our products at a much cheap price. The lower price of our products has got nothing to do with the quality.

How fast is our delivery?

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