• HGH-Fragment 5mg BIO PEPTIDE
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  • HGH-Fragment 5mg BIO PEPTIDE
  • HGH-Fragment 5mg BIO PEPTIDE

HGH-Fragment 5mg BIO PEPTIDE

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Bio Peptide manufacturers HGH fragment 5mg in its best and original form. This is a hormone known as peptide hormone of a growth hormone class.

Properties: Actually this hormone is a fragment of growth hormone. It helps in the formation of lipids and fatty acids. While the intake of this medicine it is seen that metabolism of the human body works better and burns off excessive fat. If you are really concerned about losing fat then this fragment is much better than the whole compound. This has been scientifically proven and acknowledged that the fragment helps in much more fat loss that the whole compound. As it is concerned about fat loss that doesn’t mean it decreases your appetite rather it burns the excess fat within your body and helps you in losing weight. It is much safer than any other slimming products.

Side effects: As it is a hormone and not a steroid therefore there are very less side effects. The main side effect of this steroid is swelling, headache, water retention, you blood sugar level must not drop with the use of this compound. Female can use it does not affect that adversely. Any kind of drugs or steroids does have side effects. You can’t avoid it but you can obviously try to get a bit relieve from it by consulting your doctor while you think of taking this hormone.

Dosages: Dosages of any steroid or hormone is always important. You can’t afford to get them wrong. You can take it once or twice every day. If you are taking one every day then you needs to take it 30-60 minutes before breakfast.

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