• CJC-1295 5mg BIO PEPTIDE
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  • CJC-1295 5mg BIO PEPTIDE
  • CJC-1295 5mg BIO PEPTIDE


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Bio Peptide is a good manufacturer of CJC-12955mg. This is a kind of hormone that behaves like a growth hormone and releases hormones (GHRH).

Properties: This hormone was invented in Canada. Most of the athletes and the bodybuilders like this hormone. A single dosage of this hormone can retain in the body for many days and help to release the growth hormone many times in a day. This helps the consumer to take this medicine for fewer times because it stays in the body for longer period of time. Basically this hormone increases the production of Growth hormone within the body. But it does not raise the level of prolactin, which can bring an adverse effect on man. The excessive raise in prolactin level can give raise to impotence in man as well as there can be some problems in mental health.   

Side effects: This hormone is a peptide and not a steroid; therefore it has very less side effects. But those who take a prolonged dosage of this hormone do experience some side effect, like elongated dreams that they can easily remember, the hands and the fingers become numb, light pain in the joints and last but not the least if you do not take good amount of carbohydrates then you may become weak day by day.

Dosages: You can take this hormone 1000mcg three days twice every week. In half of the year you can take it just for two months. You can also enjoy its best results by combining it with GHRP 6CJC-1295.

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