Mesterolone ia an orally applicable derivative of DHT and it is commercially known as Proviron. It is first invented in 1934. This substance is released in market under the various kinds of names, but among them the Proviron is dominant. In the late 1970’s and 1980’s the supplement is used to treat the various forms of depression.

What is Mesterolone
Mesterolone is an oral form of anabolic steroids and is not capable of aromatizing. It is highly androgenic and dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It has some strong similarities with Stanozolol, Oxandrolone and with Anavar. This supplement is not used in order to promote large building up of muscle mass, it is preferred to use during the training period.  It is used to treat the disorders in men when body can’t produce enough testosterone.

Used as medicine
Mesterolone is quite effective for the depression, anxiety and to increase the sexual desire. Hence, it would make sense that those with bipolar, unipolar and dysthymia would benefit from this hormone. Such supplement leads to the significant leads to the decrease in the level of Testosterone and LH. It is an altered form of testosterone and this substance is used to treat the body conditions in which body cannot make enough male hormones.

Structural characteristic
It is highly androgenic and dihydrotestosterone (DHT).  It is additionally belongs from the Methyl group at the carbon one position. This is the oral form anabolic steroid that is not C17-aa steroids but still belong to the Methyl group. The total bioavailability is of this supplement will be far less than most all C17-aa oral steroids.

Side Effects (Estrogenic):
This supplement is not estrogenic and aromatize. The usage of this supplement is not responsible for excess water retention. Most of the anabolic substances lead to the high blood pressure due to high level of water retention. But this substance reduces the chances of high blood pressure. Even it provides an anti-estrogenic effect to the users’ body.

Side Effects (Androgenic):

Mesterolone also may indulge the androgenic side effects and it may be found mostly in the men’s body. The tentative side androgenic side effects of this supplement are acne, hair loss, men pattern baldness, undesired body hair growth and so on.
The androgenic side effects of this compound may result in women’s body as the virilizing effects. Such effects may include side effects like unwanted body hair growth, deepening of voice, clitoral enlargement and so on. If such side effects may seen in women body, users should discontinue it immediately, they would fade away. But if it is ignored, they may be the permanent problems.

Side Effects (Hepatotoxicity):
Though it is an oral steroid but it is not hepatotoxic. This is not a C17- aa anabolic steroid and will not burden the liver with any stress or damage.

Side Effects (Cardiovascular):
Cardiovascular problems particularly the cholesterol issues will be the most concerning side effects of using Mesterolone. This anbolioc steroid affect on cholesterol level rather than any other anabolic steroids. It kills the good cholesterol level and increase bad cholesterol level.  To combat this unwanted health situation is cholesterol friendly diet is necessary which should be contained with immense amount of omega fatty acid. The users should also include plenty of cardio vascular training into their daily regime.

Side Effects of Testosterone:
Most of the anabolic steroids are suppressive to the natural testosterone on some level. The rate of suppression varies from substance to substance. From this respect, the side effect of this supplement is very nominal. Report says that the usage of this supplement leads to the less side effects rather than any other anabolic substance. To get rid of such problem, the user should choose a good PCT plan, but he should keep in mind that this PCT plan should be started after the discontinuation of the usage of this supplement. Using this substance with Anavar may be quite fruitful to sustain the normal level of testosterone in blood.

Administration (Men):
For male in the beginning it is recommended that one tablet containing 25 mg may be consumed three or four times a day. Male should use these tablets with drinking water before or after the meal.  If males need to continue this tablet for long time, the doctor may decrease the numbers of tablets which are needed to take each day.

Administration (Women):
There is no such usage of this substance among the women. This tablet is only prescribed for men.


How Mesterolone works in human body

·         This substance is very much useful for off season cycle and most beneficial for the cutting phase.

·         This substance is the best known for the effects to harden the body most.

·         Mesterolone is such kind of substance that can reduce the excessive body calories.

·         The usage of this supplement ensures less prone to water retention.

·         During the usage of anabolic steroids, often the level of testosterone is decreased, but the usage of Mesterolone helps to normal the level of testosterone in blood.

·         This supplement is quite useful for depression, anxiety and to boost lack of sex drive.

·         It helps to promote the red blood cells in human body.

·         It is helpful to treat the low libido.

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