Arimidex is the trade name of Anastrozol. Most of the bodybuilders call it “adex”. This drug was approved by the US in 1995 and this drug is not a steroid. It was actually used for the treatment of breast cancer after the surgery. Breast cancer can be increased to a higher level due to increase in estrogen; therefore anastrozol lowers the levels of estrogen in the human body.
Yes now with the help of science breast cancer can be prevented with the help of a tablet. To invent this, the scientist has been doing research works for years now. At the end of their research Anastrozol was invented. But when you think of taking drug to prevent cancer, it only makes sense when the benefits are twice the risk.

What is Anastrozol
The main work of Anastrozol is to lower the level of estrogen after the woman has been operated with breast cancer. This condition slows the growth of different harmful tumors that need estrogen to grow. This medicine can also be used for different other purposes.
 Lots of women from all over the world take Anastrozol for the treatment of breast cancer.
This medicine works better than any other of its competitive medicines like tamoxifen. This is a proven fact and a huge research work for long five years has proven it.
This medicine also reduces the risk of breast cancer and also prevents its cause.
This medicine is also given to the women those who have a history of menopause. It is also used as a first medicine for breast cancer and it treats breast cancer really well. This medicine doesn’t fall under the group of steroids. Actually it is not a steroid, it is basically a drug.Anastrozol is better than any other drug in the market which is capable of preventing breast cancer.

Used in medicine
This medicine is found in tablet from can be taken orally. It is basically taken to treat breast cancer in the most appropriate way. This medicine goes into the body fluids like urine, vomit etc. Patients those who take this medicine should be handled carefully. Those who take care of these patients must be very careful while cleaning them and wear gloves when dealing with patient’s fluids.
It is a very effective medicine so you need to be very careful while you deal with it. If you find any changes in your body after using this medicine then you must consult a doctor soon.

Side effects:

Drugs do have side effects, some have less and some have more. But they do have side effects. The side effects of Anastrozol are, breathing problem, faster weight gain, fracture of bone, glands get swollen up, liver problems, Stroke, the skin may react severely. If these side effects persist then you must call up to your doctor soon and get yourself treated.
Now talking about the common side effects, weakness, your skin getting numb, your ankles and feet may swell. Pin in the joint, headache, sore throat, depression and change in mood.
The bodybuilders those who take it may face a different problem, it can result in gynecomastia  or commonly known as gyno or man breasts. In this case a man will see a lump forming near his breast or under his nipple. In this case the problem must be treated quickly. If not done so then it may result in a surgery.

Administration :
The dosage will vary from person to person. To start with, you can take half a mg of the steroid on every other day. Some of the bodybuilders may like to take an increased dosage of the steroid. But this is not a good thing, because you must take the steroids as instructed. A greater amount of dosage may affect your health adversely. This medicine is used to treat breast cancer in women, but the dosage in which you must take the steroid will be instructed by your doctor.

How does Anastrozol work in human body?

It actually fights breast cancer by deactivating an enzyme called aromatase. The main work it does i.e. it instructs the enzyme to supply estrogen which actually accelerates the growth of certain kinds of breast cancer. This medicine can be used after the surgery of breast cancer.
Breast cancer is common in UK among the women. This actually affects more than 50,000 each year. Women those who have relatives affected with breast cancer, then these diseases affect them easily.


The numbers of suffering women with breast cancer is increasing and presently, there are few types o..

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