This is probably one of the oldest steroids that we have got use at present days as well. Over the years, this anabolic steroid has been produced by many manufacturers and has been sold in almost all the countries, it includes US as well. It is an androgenic substance with minimal anabolic effects. Realizing the enormous effectiveness of testosterone, this steroid was produced by adding a methyl group with it. The steroid became popular amongst the athletes and they found this is really helpful for promoting the muscle growth, physical stamina and muscle endurance.

What is Methyltestosterone
Methyltestosterone is nothing but an oral testosterone hormone with strong androgenic and mild anabolic impacts. The first anabolic steroid was an injectable one and this is the very first anabolic oral steroid in the history of steroids. This substance has got better implementations for muscle enhancement and strength gaining. This is the reason, it became popular amongst athletes very soon. Although the steroid is not as frequently available in the market as it used to be but it still has got demand.

The medicinal and veterinary use
This anabolic steroid has the medicinal impacts and it is used on them who have lack of testosterone in the body. This natural steroid is responsible for various normal functions into the body and reduced production of it into the body will cause numerous issues. Furthermore, Methyltestosterone also helps normal sexual development of the genitals and muscles and bones. It belongs to the androgen class of steroids that has its impacts on the normal body functionality.

Structural characteristic
It is the first made C-17alpha alkylated anabolic steroid ever made. More so, this methylated synthetic androgen receptor is available with anabolic effects. Having the ability to mimic the effectiveness of testosterone. Moreover, the gene products are responsible for normal development of the sex organ. The effective chemical structure of this steroid helps the retention of nitrogen, sodium, potassium, phosphorus etc.

Side Effects (Estrogenic)
Much like the numerous other anabolic steroids Methyltestosterone too have various side effects. It does showcase estrogenic side effects. The anabolic oral steroid has the tendency to aromatize into estrogen and this leads to various estrogenic side effects. The user will come across water retention into the muscles and gynecomstia however, it aromatizes slowly than the other anabolic supplements. It is recommended to use anti-estrogen receptors at the time of having the steroid. And it has a greater impact on the cholesterol level than all the other anabolic steroids.

Side Effects (Androgenic)

This anabolic steroid has some androgenic side effects too and this includes; acne, accelerated hair loss, male pattern baldness, body hair growth etc. however, the side effects are greatly dependent on the genetics of the individual and the level of the effects would surely depend individually. More so, this steroid carries potential for virilization in women as well. This may cause effects like body hair growth and voice deepening in women. Avoiding these side effects is possible only when the steroid is consumed at lower dosage.

Side Effects (Hepatotoxicity)
Methyltestosterone is a hepatotoxic steroid but not as it is seemed to be. All the C17-aa steroids are toxic to the liver however the toxicity of the steroids will vary significantly from one C17-aa steroids to the other. It does create some stress on the liver and thus the liver enzyme value will increase but, if you start off with a healthy liver, you will ensure lesser stress on it and of course lesser chances of getting damaged.

Side Effects (Cardiovascular)
Methyltestosterone has cardiovascular side effects too. This effect is often controlled by the water retention into the individual. The higher the level is the greater the possibility of high blood pressure. If the consumer can control the water retention level then the effects will be in control. More so, sit increases the LDL and decreases the HDL which may create pressure on the liver.

Side Effect Testosterone:
Anabolic supplements have the tendency to suppress the natural production of the testosterone. The rate of reducing the production is greatly dependent on the steroid itself and much lower production of the supplements will cause numerous issues in the body. Testosterone helps the development of the sexual characteristics in the body and that process will be discontinued or slow.

Administration (Men)
Methyltestosterone has various therapeutic applications as well. At that moment the range will fall between 10-40mg per day. The dosage should be started with a lower limit and then can be increased as per the instructions. 40mg per day is a reasonable dosage of this anabolic supplement to achieve the desired qualities of it.

How it works in the human body
This purely androgenic substance initially helps the athletes to grow lean muscle mass by offering developed protein synthesis into the body. This oral anabolic supplement also offers increased red blood cell count into the body and improves the nitrogen retention as well. The more nitrogen reserved into the muscles the better would be the growth of the muscles. The preferred cycle of this steroid is 6-8 weeks and within this period, the users must follow the instructions from the professional physicians.


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