• METAXON 10mg 100tablets MALAY TIGER
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  • METAXON 10mg 100tablets MALAY TIGER
  • METAXON 10mg 100tablets MALAY TIGER

METAXON 10mg 100tablets MALAY TIGER

  • Brand: Malay Tiger
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Methandienone is one of the strongest anabolic steroids among all other substances available. This steroid is known for its quick muscle gaining quality. It also increases the body strength very rapidly and it is known for increasing appetite. Within the first few weeks of use, users can experience muscle gain of 1 to 2 kg. There are so many manufacturers who have come up with this steroid and Malay Tiger is one of them. It manufactures Methandienone by the name Metaxon.

Properties: The anabolic properties of this steroid are well known to every steroid user. It is a derivative of testosterone. It is a 17-alkylated steroid and this is why it is much toxic to the liver. The application of vitamin D and calcium during the cycle increases the effectiveness of this steroid. For the best results, Metaxon is used with testosterone mix, stanozolol, Nandrolone Decanoate etc.

CHEMICAL NAME:  17a-methyl-17b-hydroxy-1,4-androstadien-3-one

Side effects: With every anabolic steroid, there are some levels of side effects associated; the same is true with Methandienone as well. Water retention is the biggest issue of this steroid. Apart from that, there are effects like acne, hair fall, gynecomastia etc. Decrease in the level of natural testosterone is also another issue associated with the use of this steroid.

Dosage: Lower dosage of this steroid offer amazing results. For the beginners, the dosage is 20 to 8 mg on a daily basis and professional users should use it with 15 to 30mg per day. Though, some advanced users use it with a dosage of up to 50mg per day but that is not recommended.

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