• TURANOX 10mg 100tablets BT LABORATORIES
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  • TURANOX 10mg 100tablets BT LABORATORIES
  • TURANOX 10mg 100tablets BT LABORATORIES


  • Brand: BT Laboratories
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Chlorodehydromethyl Testosterone is one of the popular anabolic steroids to be used in the sports and athletes mostly because of its advantages and fewer side effects. Structurally, this is quite similar to methadrostenolone, only a chlorine atom in the fourth position is extra. This steroid is non-aromatized and it metabolites quickly in the body. This makes this steroid a far better option for doping. Chlorodehydromethyl Testosterone is presently manufactured by a number of companies and BT Laboratories is one of them. Turanox 10mg is the product sold by them.

Properties: Apart from the structure of methandrostenolone, the effectiveness of Turanox or Chlorodehydromethyl Testosterone is also quite similar to mathandrostenolone. Though, this steroid produces lesser gain but the quality of the muscles is genuine. It causes less water retention. During the cycle, the production of the testosterone may get reduced but within the first week of the completion of the cycle, it gets back to the normal level. It also gives hardness to the muscle. A number of experiences have revealed that this steroid is a must in pre-competition period. The effect of this steroid leaves the body within the first 6-8 days of ending of the cycle.

CHEMICAL NAME:  4-chloro-17a-methyl-1,4-diene-

Side Effects: Turanabol is mostly popular for having lesser side effects during the cycle. Though, it depends largely on the dosage and on the physical condition of the users. Women may experience virilization effect when used more than 20mg per day. It may reduce the testosterone production in the body. Higher dosage may cause liver damage to some extent. Some other estrogenic impacts like gynecomastia, water retention, high blood pressure, acne are quite common with this steroid. But the level of these impacts is not that

Dosage: This steroid is used for achieving lean body mass. The dosage may vary from person to person. It normally ranges between 20mg to 50mg on a daily basis. Users weigh more than 90kg may use higher dosage. The dosage may increase while used with other steroids.

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