Human Growth Hormone is by no way an anabolic steroid. Obviously it has anabolic properties but that doesn’t mean it is an anabolic steroid .This hormone is one of the most beneficiary hormone that the human body produces. This hormone is also synthetically produced these days. This hormone can be very well tolerated by both men and women. This hormone has a good use in both therapeutic as well as performance enhancement.
This hormone was first properly used in 1958. Then this hormone was directly extracted from pituitary of human cadavers. But then it was banned from US FDA in 1985.It proved to be really good for therapeutic purposes but then it also harmed in many cases. But if taken in limited and prescribed ratio it doesn’t harm the body much.

What is Growth Hormone
To say in simple terms what human growth hormone is, you can say that human growth hormone is nothing but a simple key that will turn back your biological clock. It means, it will accelerate the muscle growth, cut off the fat, increase libido and makes sure that the energy level always be at maximum. Now let me explain it in details; our body naturally produces growth hormone in the pituitary gland. With its name you can get an idea that it is a cause of cell growth and regeneration. The growth of bone and muscle is absolutely impossible without human growth hormone.
When the growth hormone secrets, it remains active within the bloodstream for a very short time, but within this very little time liver has the capability to convert it into growth factors. The first ever synthesized HGH in the laboratories was not done till 1981.Then it became popular as a performance enhancing drug.

Used in medicine

FDA approves it to use specifically in children and adults. In children this hormone is used to accelerate growth. There are some other syndromes that are found in different people:

1.       Turner’s syndrome: This is a genetic disorder in girls which affect their natural development.

2.       Prader-Willi syndrome: This is a very uncommon genetic disorder which causes low level of muscle tone, less sexual desires and makes you feel hungry all the time.

3.       Muscle wasting diseases linked with HIV or AIDS.

All these and many other physical problems are treated with HGH. As the performance level of our body decreases when we grow old, so the level of the hormone also decreases. But if HGH is taken then the youthfulness of the body returns back and we stay fit and strong.

Side effects:
Human growth hormone is one of the safest hormone that one can administer in their body, may it be men or women. This hormone is already naturally produced by your body, it is nothing new to your body, and moreover your body needs it. But there is some side effects of this hormone, such as, Carpal tunnel syndrome, your breasts can get enlarged, depression, your birth marks can grow unnaturally, irritation, pain in the joints and muscle pain.

Administration :
This human growth hormone is measured in IU or international unit and mg. I mg means 3IU and 1IU means 0.33mg. The dosage of the steroid depends on what purpose you are actually using the steroid.
If you are using the steroid for anti-aging purpose the dosage will be 2IU each day. Now if you are using it for body building purposes then the range will be 4 to 6 IU. To lose some weight and stay fit the dosage will be, 8 to 16 IU.
If the dosages are below 3 IU then it generally doesn’t show side effects but if increased then it may show side effects.

How does growth hormone work in human body?
HGH is nothing but a protein hormone. This hormone is produced in the bodies of all the human beings. This hormone reaches its peak during childhood. This hormone is one of the most important hormones in our body because it accelerates the growth of all the parts in our body. The main work that this hormone has in our body is to stimulate the growth processes in our body. It helps in cell regenerations and makes our muscle and bone more strong.


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