• BOLDABOL 200mg 1amp x10amp BRITISH DRAGON
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  • BOLDABOL 200mg 1amp x10amp BRITISH DRAGON
  • BOLDABOL 200mg 1amp x10amp BRITISH DRAGON


  • Brand: British Dragon
  • Product Code: boldenone undecylenate
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The effectiveness of anabolic substances greatly depends on the manufacturers as well. Genuine manufacturers never compromise with the qualities and the genuineness of the supplements. British Dragon also ensures that all their manufactured products are of best quality and material. Valuable ingredients are used as key substances and that’s the reason all their manufactured products offer best results to the consumers.

British Dragon is obviously considered as one of the most reliable steroids manufacturers and they produce best quality anabolic supplements. Their products are available with many renowned online suppliers and you can buy them from there. If you want to purchase the best quality injectable Boldabol then you have to rely on British Dragon.

Properties: It is a strong anabolic steroid, which has low profile androgen properties in it. It helps in extensive muscle gain and has a very less water retention. It has fewer possibilities to change into estrogen. This is best for athletes and bodybuilders those who have to participate in a competition.

Chemical name:  1,4-androstadiene-3-one, 17beta-ol, 1-dehydrotestosterone.

Dosages: If you are just a beginner, then you can inject approximately 300-500mg of Boldenone Undecylenate. But those who are used to with Boldenone Undecylenate, they can take 500 -700 mg every week.

Side effects: The effects of the female sex hormone mean estrogen is very low. This steroid is best for men. As because it has a very less estrogen property therefore men won’t face much problem after injecting this, rather they will have good muscle growth and get a well built body soon. But the bad part is that you may lose a lot of hairs and may develop acne. You may have a less production of natural testosterone. If you continue taking this steroid then you may have a problem of high blood pressure.

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